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Andre Forbes is a musician, composer, songwriter, producer and engineer. He's dedicated his life to creating music that feels good. He believes music is truly a universal language that has no boundaries. Composing music in various different styles such as neo soul, gospel, rock, fusion and more is what he does best. Enjoy the sounds of a man who's dedicated his life to creating good music.

Andre has toured throughout the United States as well as Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Caribbean and other international areas. Andre has also worked with artists such as Vickie Winans, The Clark Sisters, Donald Lawrence, Dorothy Norwood...Read More

Lililita Forbes is an ordained music minister singer/song writer/guitarist from the beautiful tropical caribbean island of St. Maarten Netherlands Antilles.

She began her lyrical journey at the age of 11. She's a member of the gospel singing group Jumelle, French for "twin", who minister throughout the Caribbean & USA.

Lililita is also a graduate of the College of Arts & Science at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) with a BS is Music Education. She studied choral music under the great professor Charlie J. Toomer Jr. -Director of the world renowned FAMU...Read More

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